• CRY Unveils International Singer & Songwriter Arjun as new Charity Ambassador
    As part of its 25th anniversary year, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is proud to announce the news that international singer and songwriter, Arjun, will be joining the charity as an official Ambassador, helping to raise awareness of key messages and fundraising initiatives across his huge fan base and millions of social media followers. […]
  • British Heart Foundation Urges the Nation to Take on its Declutter Challenge
    We’re a nation of hoarders, with 84% of Brits holding onto items they no longer use, which could be turned into funds for life saving science. More than four out of five (84%) of Brits have unused household items – from clothing to tablets and TVs – unnecessarily cluttering up our homes, according to a […]
  • Know Your Rights and Claim Them
    Angelina Jolie and Amnesty International have joined forces to create a powerful resource for children and young people to learn about their rights, with the publication of a hard-hitting new book which empowers teenagers to speak out against injustice. Know Your Rights and Claim Them is written for children and is informed by them. It […]
  • British Las Vegas is Coming!
    Five UK towns and cities could emerge as Britain’s answer to Las Vegas if predicted environmental concerns lead to the creation of a future UK gambling hotspot, according to experts. The team from have looked at UK cities and named Blackpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool and London as possible future Las Vegas rivals. Due to […]
  • Call to “Replace” Deadbeat Dads
    New Text Coming


Issue - Gurkhas

Cutting Edge

I have just reviewed the new issue and I am more than impressed. Your articulation and poignancy inspires and excites me. This is truly a magazine on the cutting edge of time. I think the time is right for you to forge ahead and take a role in the NGO sector. There’s so much potential for you!
Amitav Chatterjee, Calcutta, India


Issue - Transition Towns

Plane Sensible

I completely agree with the aims of the organisation Plane Stupid. We should fly less, but not necessarily to help the environment. In my opinion, flying less would save more human lives. You only have to watch the news to know how many tragic plane crashes there have been in recent months. I think this is an appropriate time to remember the many lives that would have been saved if less people had been on board the planes on September 11th, 2001. Less flights mean less opportunities for terrorists to strike.
Gina Peters, London


Issue - Britain's Foreign Bosses

An Interesting Read

As a newcomer to Society Today I would like to congratulate the Magazine on the diversity of subjects such as "Britain's Foreign Bosses", "Is Libya Coming in from the Cold" and "A Tale from Bolivia" and the interest aroused by them. We rarely see such items on the television. I was particularly interested in the state of unrest in Bolivia and the difficulty in bringing the people better living conditions although the original Government has tried but failed. Let us hope that the new Government will have some measure of success. The people of El Alto where the uprising started will be very interested to see what will happen. Society Today is a good, interesting read.
Joan Marlow, Twickenham, UK.


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