ARticle Submission

What We Publish

Society Today Magazine is a publication established to promote Peace, Progress & Humanity through our editorial contents. These contents should be written with notions carrying the values of independent, fearless and fair journalism.

We aim to remain inclusive to people from all sectors of society and aim to represent a readership with vitality of ambition and the constant strive to be aware and understand the continuously evolving world.

We aim to seek, prepare, and publish the fascinating stories of people from all walks of life, age, gender, cultural heritage, religion, and backgrounds which our readers will inevitably find inspirational.

We will accept writings that have been submitted which are original and previously unpublished.

All articles that are submitted are considered by the editorial team and are read by more than one editor.

Prior to submission, please consider discussing the theme and concepts with one of our editors for an official green-light.

We do respect the 'feelings' and 'intension' of those who would like to become a writer/journalist for social awareness with such materials that are exclusive and eye opening in nature.

Our writers must be motivated to write pieces which can encourage our readers to understand various dynamics of social issues, human conditioning, their creativity, or materials that are related to findings or insights that can help promote the value of 'understanding something' which could cause them to make a difference in life.

We have no hesitation taking up journalistic challenges from which previously unknown stories for 'social good' are brought forward.

Language and Writing

Simple, plain English.

Short sentences are preferred over long sentences.

Use subheadings to break up the text.

Use of bold and italic text is encouraged over the use of capitalised words.

Use spell-check and proofread work before it is submitted.


Articles should usually not exceed the maximum word count of 2000 words. If the article is based on research or is of the investigative nature with unique findings, we will consider them to be no longer than 4000 words.

The term ‘original’ means that it should be written in such a way that it tells a story which takes the reader‘s attention not for granted but for their joy of understanding something new and refreshing.

When writing, it is preferred that any strong arguments are accompanied with counter arguments and are backed up with reasoning and evidence. This is in order for the topic to be fully answered.

Facts and findings that are available or researched well in advance in accordance with the demand of the subject matter are important to include for reducing the risk of bias.

Use of photographs, diagrams and the like are encouraged to break up the text, these must be accompanied with a description. Make sure that they are sent in a way that they can be easily transferred to the magazine and that they are in high resolution. Any images, diagrams, graphs, and the like must be original and copyright free.

If there are videos that can be used as material for the article, please send a shareable link via a cloud service i.e. Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive or similar and not by email.

If a reference is made to another person’s work or to data, it must be cited or accounted for officially.


Copyright of any published article is granted to Society Today Magazine unless otherwise stated.

We do not tolerate copyright infringement by any party and we adhere to standard international practices surrounding copyright.

Agency Services

News and information provided by communication agencies should be discussed prior to the submission of an article.


We include a range of articles which fit under the categories of: News, Columns, Cover Story, Feature Story, Interviews and Reviews. By nature, they are different to each other in terms of its intention, gravity, meaning and presentation.

Long articles such as cover or feature stories take time to research, prepare and write. Therefore, the deadline for longer articles is a minimum/maximum of 2 months prior to publication date.

Medium writings such as commentaries or opinion will be a deadline of about 3 weeks prior to the publication date.

For short articles like reviews or news, they can be submitted two weeks before the publication date.


Exclusive stories that have research or investigations involved, please contact the editorial team prior to taking up assignments.

Depending on the nature of the contents we are open to put down an advance payment i.e. for traveling, research, interview or equipment.

We follow the standard guide as set out by NUJ in all ordinary case.

For material such as works of illustration, cartoons, photography etc, our standard fee is lump sum. Please consult the Editorial office prior to submission of such work.

For reviews and commentary pieces, we pay the standard rate of 15-20p per word unless otherwise specified or negotiated prior to acceptance for publication.

Payments are made within 30 days, once the article is published.