UK’s Hospitality Sector Needs a Vaccine of Hope

Oli Khan MBE, FRSA We know that there have been many casualties in this war on the global Covid-19 pandemic; its impact has been felt across different sectors, incomes and families – it has touched us all.Covid-19 and the pandemic lockdown have had a detrimental impact on restaurants and takeaways up and down the country, […]

CRY Unveils International Singer & Songwriter Arjun as new Charity Ambassador

As part of its 25th anniversary year, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is proud to announce the news that international singer and songwriter, Arjun, will be joining the charity as an official Ambassador, helping to raise awareness of key messages and fundraising initiatives across his huge fan base and millions of social media followers. […]

British Heart Foundation Urges the Nation to Take on its Declutter Challenge

We’re a nation of hoarders, with 84% of Brits holding onto items they no longer use, which could be turned into funds for life saving science. More than four out of five (84%) of Brits have unused household items – from clothing to tablets and TVs – unnecessarily cluttering up our homes, according to a […]

Know Your Rights and Claim Them

Angelina Jolie and Amnesty International have joined forces to create a powerful resource for children and young people to learn about their rights, with the publication of a hard-hitting new book which empowers teenagers to speak out against injustice. Know Your Rights and Claim Them is written for children and is informed by them. It […]

British Las Vegas is Coming!

Five UK towns and cities could emerge as Britain’s answer to Las Vegas if predicted environmental concerns lead to the creation of a future UK gambling hotspot, according to experts. The team from have looked at UK cities and named Blackpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool and London as possible future Las Vegas rivals. Due to […]

The Campaigner

Sarah Ismail Cephas Williams is a photographer who started life as a campaigner for race related issues by creating the ’56 Black Men’ campaign. His idea was a simple one. To take photographs of 56 Black men- men who looked like himself- wearing hoodies. The 56 Black men all came from recognised, professional fields. They […]

Afghans: Divided Even In Dreams

By Staff Writer Some twenty years ago Afghanistan was at its worst. Partially sighted Mullah Omar’s Talib movement, in the guise of patriotism, had afflicted every single Afghan.  The Taliban were executing anyone who even raised a finger about their methods of ruling the country. Women were forced to wear the Niqaab (full face veil). […]

Poetry as Attention, Illumination and Acts of Resistance

Catherine Davidson A poem can be an act of attention, a distillation of language, a private prayer, or a pair of glasses to help see the world anew. When the noise of our “getting and spending” culture fell silent last spring, poetry came out of the clear blue skies – like bird song, both necessary […]

Looking More Deeply at Humanity is key to Equality

Rasheed Ogunlaru There are multiple inequalities in our society: you see it play out in politics, business, in our homes, workplaces and communities. There are huge economic, class and social divides – and we have far to travel when it comes to gender, race, disability, faith, sexuality, age and other equalities. And while the last […]


Prakash Khanal, PhD Thousands of years ago, mankind invented money. Initially money was made in coins made out of ‘mud’ and ‘leathers.’ Then man moved onto introducing money made out of ‘metal coins.’ Then mankind introduced monetary notes made out of paper. Nowadays money has been transgressing into digital forms. The air, land- rocks, water-oceans, […]