Life During and After the Pandemic

Margret Laird The immediate aspect of the coronavirus pandemic which has assailed us since 2020 has been the striking contrast between the isolated and squeezed daily lives we have had to lead for fifteen months, and the immensity of theall-encompassing global pandemic which acts as a backcloth to our current lives.  As our normal social […]

Zoom Funerals

Margret Laird The social lockdown imposed upon us, due to Covid-19, has meant that Zoom funerals have had to become the norm.  But it isn’t the same, is it? I recently attended the funeral of a friend who died suddenly, completely unexpectedly.It was an exemplary affair –tragic, serious, with full respect and honour paid to […]

Have We British Found It?

Margret Laird Boris Johnson told us that on 19 July 2021 all the laws associated with Covid controls were to be terminated. We would no longer need the inhibitions of masks or social distancing. But now, almost immediately, new regulations have come in, for example, Transport for London has told the public that they must […]