This is the Time we all Should be Extraordinary to run the Affairs of Society

Hom Paribag FRSA Everybody says that this pandemic is like war. Given that the amount of death, danger and difficulty it has put us through all at once is unprecedented. In the lexicon of unprecedentedness it is more serious than the war that our last generation had fought. During the period of the Great World […]

Prince Harry- Will You Stop Please?

Hom Paribag FRSA Friends, those who know that we’re a bunch of people who care for the general well-being of society, they ask if we’ve any opinion regarding the matter of Harry, former Prince, the Duke of Sussex and his ongoing outbursts against the very family he was born into, brought up by and who […]

It’s the Scientists who Make it

Hom Paribag FRSA These days one sees Boris Johnson and Sir Kier Starmer flying like butterflies. These days, I feel that if there are any alive or functioning human beings, that they are these two politicians. Poor cameramen follow the PM Boris Johnson to capture his movements as his acutely overlooked hair flies here and […]