Soon, we will be in a ‘post-covid’ world. This pandemic has taught us a lot about the nature of humanity. It has divulged us all into finding the true meaning of life as a human being. The ‘post-covid’ world is going to be very different to the one we were all accustomed to just as recently as 2019. World politics is always volatile. As we have highlighted in our charter, the politics of the world has had its sell by date. The old definition of politics has expired. It no longer functions. Had it been functional, the problems the world is facing in a political sense across the world would not occur to be as problematic as it seems to be at this moment. If something new and urgent is not done, the word ‘politics’ itself would describe a painful definition.

In the world to date, most people are still living in relative poverty, whilst a few rich people get more and more rich. The mass population are not making any substantial progress in their life. Geopolitically speaking, if we look at the current state of international affairs, there are only one or two countries which have surpassed the economy against the countries of the rest of the world. This country as you all know, must come from the east. It is right to see that a particular country doing better in its economic and social stratification for its people, if the country in question has done this all in the ethical, legal, and appropriate manner, because any human being better off with their living standards and the economic life is a good thing. However, if there are aspects such as tension, pilfering, copyright infringement, patent right infringement, cultural and economic bullying leading to geopolitical tensions by creating the human rights situation worse in their country as well as other parts of the world is not acceptable. This will create tensions between not only countries, but also between people which is extremely dangerous for all and for the existence of this beautiful plant earth of which we all live.

There are numerous issues that the world is not aware of fully, but has been perhaps ill-informed, stemming of a lack of proper communication, interaction, engagement, and the dialogues. In this section of our publication, we would like to bring out those hitherto untouched about issues will be touched upon and by exploring the possibilities of a better dialogue by bringing the minds and people of the world of the east to the west and of the north to the south. In doing so, we hope that our approaches of disseminating information on independent and fearless basis will be the platform for a better world and peace where people from all corners of the world can come together and have a dialogue, discussion and eventually the solution, for the lasting recourse of peace, brotherhood, and happiness as one humanity.

We would like to create a regular symposium on this theme bringing people together from all corners of the world. We would like your support, ideas, and suggestions on this unique step of the Society Today Magazine.

Please let us know your ideas and thoughts by writing to us at eastmeetswest<at-sign>

We will be presenting our symposiums in the form of events, eventually highlighting the stories of it in the print and online publications.