The New Beginning

Everything ends yesterday. It begins today. It continues into the future.

We would like our readers to look forward to the future. Many of us keep on looking into our past, looking for the best bits it could have seated in it.

In romance, in career, in wealth, in relationships and in all our doings, we have made a habit of looking into the past.

As time passes, our memories get pushed further into the past. Each of them wants to get cluttered or clustered into the wardrobe of time. They get tucked away there. Some are worthy of preserving. Some are meaningful. Some are pleasant. Some are truly painful. Some are normal, mundane and not worthy of our notice.

There are people who mostly live life in the past. Politicians do it. Businesses do it. Our friends do it and we all do it. That is where we are all stuck!

With our publication, we would like to demonstrate the brilliance of our past, present and future. We would like to urge and assist our readers to have a wonderful reference to the past as an understanding, but not a current way of life. We urge of readers to consider being thoughtful of, and productive in, the present. We would also like our readers to have a concept of the design of our future.

The seedling for our future gets settled only when our present is healthy and proactive as well as productive.

If we make our present better and creative and productive, ultimately we will have planted the seed for our future. Our present will make the past of tomorrow as today is the yesterday of tomorrow!

We like the good ideas of our past- because we have come through this- but we can’t hold them all forever, despite the fact and however much we all want to. We begin to feel unrealistically excited or hurt or mellowed or sad if we begin to hold them with us, at least in our memories. So we forget to do anything for our today. When we don’t do things for our today, how can we look out for our tomorrow? If we don’t have our tomorrow, then where will we go and what will we do as living beings?

This publication is about the three essences of life in terms of time that we group it into.

The contents of the publication will be such that our readers will be motivated to endeavour to do something good or excellent rather than something bad or nothing at all.

For the purpose of appreciating the new time well, we would like to encourage all to come together to forget, eliminate or defy the ‘evil’ of the past of our lives. The hardships and difficult phases of our lives, our history, our experiences and our daring, so that we are all better for today and stronger for tomorrow.

We can become better only if we do something good for our tomorrow. Tomorrow is our future in togetherness.