Following the explosion at Kabul airport, Hassan Noor, Regional Director of Save the Children in Asia, said:

“We are devastated by the loss of life, reportedly including children, and the injuries of so many others at Kabul airport. For children and their families to have been harmed just as they were trying to make their way out of the country, to a new life, is devastating.

“No child should ever lose their lives to war, all efforts must be made to ensure that they do not ever become collateral damage. We are appalled by this act of senseless violence. 

“We call on all parties to stop the violence and protect civilians, especially children, and respect their obligations under international humanitarian law. This devastating loss also underscores the need to urgently expedite the processing of visas for those Afghans looking to flee, in addition to ensuring there are countries who will welcome them. 

“Afghan children deserve peace. All efforts must be made to ensure future generations can grow up in a country free of the fear of violence, death, and injury.”

The UK Government, given its deep and longstanding involvement in Afghanistan, must not now walk away from its responsibility to protect Afghan children. This means ensuring safe passage for children and their families seeking safety, stepping up to meet urgent humanitarian needs and upholding the rights of all those who remain in the country.