Letters To The Editor – Gurkhas Issue

Cutting Edge

I have just reviewed the new issue and I am more than impressed. Your articulation and poignancy inspires and excites me. This is truly a magazine on the cutting edge of time. I think the time is right for you to forge ahead and take a role in the NGO sector. There’s so much potential for you!

Amitav Chatterjee, Calcutta, India

Tragic Timing

After the tragic case of the Puttick couple, who jumped off Beachy Head after the death of their disabled son, the sensitive issue of suicide was fresh in my mind, so your feature story, Teen Suicide: Bridgend and Beyond, could not have come at a better time. I see it as a fitting tribute to the Putticks.

A. Harrison, Kings Lynn

Real Love

With the new series of Big Brother, apparently (and hopefully!) the last, just getting under way, it was great to catch up with Karen and Marc Adams-Jones from The Marriage. I was a keen viewer of the show, and often wondered what happened to them. That’s real love, and real reality TV – much better than the current tripe peddled as ‘reality’.

Harry Williams, Cardiff

Welcome, Gurkhas

I really enjoyed your cover story on the Gurkhas. I’m pleased to see them get their rights to settle in the UK, but the writer makes a good point about the cost of immigration. Let us hope that after all their hard work fighting for this country and then their right to settle that they will be happy here.

Brian Tanner, Brixton, London

Wossy Talking About?

I’ve never liked Jonathan Ross, and your short piece in the column ‘Picture of Society’ reminded me exactly why. Of course the Gurkhas are worthy of as much attention as Joanna Lumley, if not more! Has Jonathan Ross forgotten that, if so many Gurkhas had not fought, and given their lives, in so many wars, we might not be here today?

JP, Bedford

Esther Ace

I though your interview with Esther Anderson in the last issue was fantastic. She is quite a remarkable woman. To have had a part in creating such wonderful music is a quite something and I am glad to have been able to haveapeek into the background of an artist who I love but don’t know much about. Thank you!

Jamal Wright, Sheffield


I thought your article on ‘MyBnk’ was great. The idea behind it is a sound one, as my kids have no idea how to be frugal. There is a whole
generation growing up that has no idea about the value of saving, and if they aren’t taught then in 20 years time we’ll be back where we are now. Good to see that someone is doing something about it – thanks, Lily.

Simon Forest, Cambridge

Theatre vs. Cinema

I am sure that the play S-27 is very good, but I have to disagree with you about the merits of the theatre. I have always believed that people watch the Arts to escape from their own reality and lose themselves in another, imaginary world. I find this very difficult to do inatheatre, as I feel that there is nothing to separate
me from the actors. As a result, I have given up watching stage plays. I think you would benefit more from expanding your review section to include cinema – I guarantee it will be relevant to more people.

N. Toure, Luton

King of Pop

I was a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson, and am still deeply shocked and extremely upset that his life, and his wonderful career, have ended so unexpectedly, and far too soon. I was very pleased to see that you do not consider yourselves too serious a publication to offer your condolences to his fans. He was a true legend who will be missed by many people for many years to come.

Amy Robinson, London