Our Team


John Lutterloch

Chairman of the Board of Management

John Lutterloch has worked in London most of his business life. He started his business career in the famous ‘Lloyds of London’ Insurance market. After 7 years he moved into banking and finance and has held senior positions in a number of leading financial institutions.

In 1984 he started his own business – Industrial Investment Group (IIG) which has been trading now for 27 years. IIG partners with Stockbrokers, Accountants and other Investment Companies to deliver a ‘One Stop Shop’ for debt and equity and has raised £ millions for UK businesses.

John has been writing a column CITY CHATTER for the Leasing World Magazine for thelast 15 years. In this column he describes the inner findings of London in such a unique way, that readers find it fun as well as encyclopedic.

John is also a regular contributor to Society Today Magazine and writes our City Life column, for which the publication is truly pleased.

He has been married for 50 years with 3 sons and 5 grandchildren.

Hom Paribag FRSA


Hom is the founding Editor of Society Today Magazine that brings people  together in pursuit of Peace, Progress & Humanity. Society Today Magazine is a high calibre general interest national magazine published in the UK since 2004.

Having finished high school& college, he went on to a career in the writing, publishing & printing industry. Working as a journalist and editor of various successful national publications in Kathamndu such as Kamana Magazine, Sarthak Magazine, JanaMancha Weekly, in the 90s he managedto author his first book of poetry DhoonNapayekaGitharu, aged 18, and wrote his ‘first novel’, his third book, Yaad Harayekon Maanchhe (The Memory Lost Man) in his early 20s. This waspublished in 1992 by Nepal’s oldest and largest publishing house Ratna Pustak Bhandarand he became abest selling author. In 1994 and 1995 his two collections of poetry Parichaya Tyo (The Identity That) and  Lukdainan Manaka Byethaa Haru (The Pain of Soul Wont Hide), were published, respectively.

Hom has just completed authoring his newnovel BEYOND TIME.Currently aside from editingSociety Today Magazine he’s working on his new books MAN’S SUFFERING: Freedom From It, a collection of insightful spiritual notes and THE WESTERN BREEZE, a collection of poetry in English he’s been writing since 1996.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts RSA and member of the ENGLISH PEN.

Hom is an instigator/founder of the London Press Club, a platform for telling social stories by people and for people. He’s hosting events for its digital media outlets from September 2021. He was born in August in a mountainous village of Nepal in the 70s.

Margret Laird

Books & Community Editor

Margaret Laird observes various social and political issues so as to find better solutions collectively.

She is an ardent reader and critique of the creative and intellectual contents of the wider world. As such she comes up with views and ideas that can inspire better solutions.

She has studied for an MA in English and a Diploma in Education at Glasgow University. Subsequently she taught in a Glasgow secondary school. She has also worked for ICL as a Technical Author in a team bringing understanding of mainframe systems to end users.

In London, she has worked in the voluntary sector, particularly the Fawcett Society, which campaigns for, and lobbies Government for, equality for women. She was Chair of Fawcett in the 90s. She has also worked as Editorial Manager with Book Data, a database company serving the publishing world, contributing book reviews to their online site.

Since 2004, Margaret Laird has contributed to various publications including Society Today Magazine as the Books & Reviews Editor and has been writing some hard hitting commentaries and opinion columns.

She is a founding team member of Society Today Magazine since it was established in 2004. 

Colonel Mike Robertson MC

Cartoons & Illustrations

Colonel Mike Robertson MC is a cartoonist and illustrator, born in Scotland as his name suggests, but as he doesn’t like rain, midges, or Dundee Cake he is now an infrequent visitor. His drawing is self-taught during a varied career as soldier, car manufacturer and restorer, fixed wing and helicopter pilot, something in the City, Officer and Gentleman in HM The Queen’s Bodyguard, and Charity Trustee.  He is currently a part time consultant for Private Equity and an Executive Search Company.

He now lives happily in Wiltshire with twenty-five house moves under his belt.  He is married with three grown up children.  He has returned to drawing after a bit of a gap, and by popular request from family and friends. His work ranges from cartoons, military uniforms, and book illustrations to greetings cards and even pub signs and branding.  He has work hanging in St James’s Palace and has drawn a birthday card for Prince William.  His trademark work so far has been his “Bographies” and his “Antecedent Eggs.”

He is currently working on two books, one fiction and one historical and has just finished two private commissions, while he continues to update and build on his portfolio.  He works in a shed at the bottom of the garden, generously given to him by his wife who baulked at the thought of having him and all his paraphernalia spread all over the house.  He is often accompanied by his dogs on the same basis.  His website is http://www.mikerobertsoncartoons.com.

Prakash Khanal

International Editor

Prakash Khanal has combined experience in the field of journalism and public relations of over 30 years.

He has contributed to some prominent periodicals & newspapers such as The Economist, Asia Times, The Japan Times weekly, Asia Technology, Gemini News Service, Down to Earth. He has also provided pre and post production consultancy and raw footage to many television networks such as ABC News (New York), ABC News (The Foreign Correspondents, Australia), Associated Press Television News (APTN), New Delhi Television (NDTV) and development agencies such as US Aid.

He’s headed the Public Relations and Communication Department at Thompson Nepal, a subsidiary of J Walter Thompson worldwide, from December 2000 to November 2003 during which time he supervised and trained public relations executives in rural areas of Nepal.

Prakash has obtained a PhD in migration studies from the University of Reading, UK. He considers himself a self-reliant and motivated professional, with the ability to change and reinvent himself, within rapidly evolving times and environments. He speaks Hindi, Urdu, French, and Spanish fluently.

Catherine Davidson

Poetry Editor

Catherine Davidson grew up in California but lives in London as a dual citizen. She has won awards for her poetry and been published widely on both sides of the Atlantic. Her two pamphlets are Inheriting the Ocean (Slow Dancer) and Behind the Lines (Word Hoard). She is also the author of a critically acclaimed novel, The Priest Fainted, and most recently, The Orchard, commissioned by Gemma Media. She teaches creative writing at Regent’s University and has worked as a writing coach at Amnesty International. She is currently the Chair of Exiled Writers Ink, where she mentors and celebrates refugee writers.

Sarah Ismail

Assignment Editor

Sarah Ismail is a staff writer and copy editor.  She has a degree in English with Creative Writing from Brunel University. She cares deeply about all social issues. She also cares deeply about creative writing, journalism and poetry. Society Today Magazine feels like the perfect publication for Sarah to work with, since it combines not only all of her interests, but, most importantly, all of her passions.

When not writing for us, Sarah runs Same Difference, www.samedifference1.com a disability issue website that she started from scratch in 2007. Her poetry and freelance journalism focus mostly on all disability issues.

Nadeem Saeed

Community Affairs Editor

Nadeem Saeed is a journalist and media consultant who has worked with prestigious media organisations including BBC World Service and the United Nations. In his journalistic career that spans over 20years, he has held various editorial posts ranging from correspondent to editor. Human rights with a special focus on women’s rights has always been at the heart of his journalism. He is an alumnus of Birkbeck, University of London, where he studied Law. Along with his journalistic work, Nadeem is also involved in doctoral research on digital privacy rights of the complainants in sexual offence cases.

Nicole McPeake

Arts & Culture Correspondent

Having studied English at the University of Bristol, Nicole’s main passion is writing about literature. Her favourite authors include Barbara Kingsolver and Annie Dillard, as well as other authors who focus on nature and our relationship to it. Now, more than ever, Nicole believes that writing about the natural world is invaluable in the fight against climate change, and might help to preserve the world as we know it, if only on paper. In her spare time, Nicole paints and makes prints, and she enjoys writing about art and exhibitions that have made a lasting impression on her.

Christian Houghton

Website Developer & IT Management

Christian Houghton is an aspiring Chemical Engineer, graduating from the University of Surrey in 2021 and studying a postgraduate master’s degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Manchester. He is also the developer of the Society Today website. Christian always wants to learn something new, reading into interesting and developing stories and research, not just surrounding chemical engineering, but a multitude of subjects, such as sports, national and international media and news. He always likes the development of new ideas and watching them succeed into something big. This makes him push himself to the best of his ability.

Saz Vora


Saz Vora is an author. Before she started writing South Asian women’s fiction, Saz had a successful career in Television Production and Teaching… but her need to write stories has led to what she is doing now – writing tales about people like her in multi-cultural Britain.Her debut novels, My Heart Sings Your Song and Where Have We Come are a story of love, life, family, conflict, and two young people striving to remain together throughout. Where Have We Come – Finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Award 2020 is a retelling of the birth and loss of their son.

Rasheed Ogunlaru


RasheedOgunlaru is a leading leadership coach, motivational speaker and a specialist on inner fulfillment. He is author of Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back Into Your Business and The Gift of Inner Success. www.rasaru.com or on Twitter: @RasheedOgunlaru

Oli Khan MBE, FRSA


Oli Khan is internationally recognised and award-winning celebrity chef and entrepreneur. He was crowned ‘Curry King’ by various British media outlets. Luxury Hospitality magazine has recognised him as ‘King of British Curry”.  Oli has the Guinness World Record title for the Largest Onion Bhaji in the world weighed 175.48 kg (386 lb 13.8 oz) one-piece bhaji, made in February 2020.

For his love of the charitable and philanthropic works he has established his own charity organisation called ‘Oli’s Foundation’. HM Queen has awarded him wth an MBE ‘Member of the Order of the British Empire’ for his service to the Hospitality and charity fields during COVID-19 pandemic.

HM Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire has given Oli the title as ‘Hero of Hertfordshire’. He has also received Pride of Stevenage Awards in 2020.


Dr Sanjay Pooran is a uniquely qualified specialist global public health and infectious diseases physician, with qualifications in Law, Management and International Relations. He has held positions as Director of Public Health, Chief Scientific Adviser and international relations technical lead with qualifications, training and over 10 years of experience around the globe.

He recently completed an MSc from LSE in international strategy and diplomacy.  He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists and also a Fellow in Residence at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. Dr Pooran’s research interests centre on the interdisciplinary approach to geopolitical issues and the evolution of international relations outside the traditional parameters of social sciences, but at the interface of science and policy.