Prince Harry- Will You Stop Please?


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Friends, those who know that we’re a bunch of people who care for the general well-being of society, they ask if we’ve any opinion regarding the matter of Harry, former Prince, the Duke of Sussex and his ongoing outbursts against the very family he was born into, brought up by and who made him able to fly around the world on wings longer and larger than those of a jumbo jet.

Soon after he was engulfed in the ‘true’ love of his beloved wife, Ms Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, he started to show that he loves her in a way that is often judged to be the right way that a man should love his woman. Showing love, care and protection to his woman is the duty of a man, especially when the woman too shows due care for her man, her husband, whilst caring for their babies as well. It’s perfectly acceptable for any sentient being to be caring and doing everything to display love and protection for their spouse. But everything has a limit. Once the limit is exceeded or lines crossed, that’s when troubles begin to emerge. And that can be fatal. It’s only a matter of time before that will be proven either way.

How Ms Meghan Markle was, who she was, how she lived or what she did before Harry adopted and accepted her, that’s no one’s business. And how much Harry loves her or how many children he has or will have with his beloved wife is also an entirely personal and private matter as far as we’re concerned.

But because he was once a Prince, is still a grandson of the Queen, a son of a future King and brother of Prince William, and indeed he’s a beloved son of well loved late Princess Diana, and the nephew of Earl Charles Spencer, who seems to be still grieving the loss of his beloved sister, it has become a public matter.

In this difficult time of the pandemic, people are reeling. People are concerned for their health, safety and future as the entire population is combusted with fear, uncertainty, poverty and myriads of problems they are facing concerning employment, the economy, education, the environment and various other issues. On the whole people are not in the  mindset or mood that they were in around the time Princess Diana left this world.

Perhaps Harry is still in the same old mindset of back then when people had shown overwhelming care and love for the recently orphaned young Princes. The people were shocked to find that Princess Diana was killed in a car accident when she was in Paris with Dodi Al-Fayed, the son of the former owner of Harrods.

Years have passed by. Prince William, second in line to the throne, has married Kate, an ordinary girl from within society. They have become parents, and look to be very caring and loving to each other. They enjoy their Royal duties and care for the Queen and the Royal Family, even though their lives have been so hard because William has no biological mother, Kate has no biological mother-in-law, and their three young children have no biological grandmother. Princess Diana, who would have been so loving and caring to them all.

Now Harry too has found a woman, and most probably the love that a woman can give to a man, regardless of his status, wealth or social standing. Up to here, it’s good news. But when Harry and his wife Meghan go to the media and spill the beans, there’s something wrong here. These days, with the flared-up existence of Internet based media, anyone can have their stories shared to these mediums. There are billions of Youtube channels, Instagram accounts and countless social media platforms where one can start conversations and let the world find out what one is thinking or experiencing.

Illustration by Col. Mike Robertson, [icon name=”copyright” prefix=”fas”] 2021

In Harry’s case, because the respected billionaire Oprah Winfrey has taken the matter into her own hands, he went around the world. We know that Harry knows that all his family members, including his uncle Charles Spencer, have gone through some difficult times emotionally speaking, while the vast majority of people in this country still have to worry about how they can pay the mortgage to keep rooves over their heads. Lots and lots of people have lost their loved ones during the pandemic. Health, the economy, the property market and overall peace, progress and humanity have remained volatile and fragile. Society will be at breaking point if things are not handled with care now.

Meanwhile Harry, Meghan and Ms Winfrey are living the dream. Our readers, friends and acquaintances ask us almost in the form of gossip whether Harry has something else, something more sinister, to bring out regarding the loss of his mother or the love of his life, Meghan.

If it’s about brotherly jealousy or the two Princesses, Kate and Meghan, bickering over their hairstyles or colours of skirts, Harry, the former Prince, should stop all this, because it’s not helping anyone emotionally, especially those whose sanity is tested daily by the sad and bad news nonstop. We’re sure Ms Oprah Winfrey doesn’t care because she doesn’t have trouble- she has a big television to air her interviews, but somehow there’s something that means that the true intentions of those who are taking part in her interviews haven’t come out.

What Harry and Meghan have experienced could be a matter of interest for some. But the truth of the matter is that it hardly matters to people’s lives and livelihoods, especially while the world is going through this unprecedentedly dangerous pandemic.

Harry and Meghan and Winfrey and Co’s interviews have certainly stirred people’s emotions. The situation has certainly stung the very elderly Queen who is not only frail in age and health, but has lost her beloved husband of 73 years, the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, who has been remembered by all, especially for his legendary work for charities including the World Wildlife Fund, which he didn’t have to do as the Queen’s Consort.

In this extraordinary time of personal tragedy, loss and bereavement, the self-proclaimed businessman in deep love in California has bee battering all the members of his own family, who only ever innocently loved him, cared for him and did everything to protect him and let him grow.

If Ms Winfrey is allowed to continue her persistent interviews of this type, she will almost certainly bring war back to English soil. Then the holistic goals of racial equality, justice, peace and freedom could be embezzled, because any further interviews with Harry could flare up tension in such a way that humanity itself could go very wrong, especially at this time of the pandemic.

Maybe the time has come when we should all go back to reading Shakespeare’s historical plays like Richard III and Hamlet. So should Harry, Duke of Sussex.

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