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Hom Paribag

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Prince Harry- Will You Stop Please?

Hom Paribag FRSA Friends, those who know that we’re a bunch of people who care for the general well-being of society, they ask if we’ve

It’s the Scientists who Make it

Hom Paribag FRSA These days one sees Boris Johnson and Sir Kier Starmer flying like butterflies. These days, I feel that if there are any

Margret Laird

Current Issues

Life During and After the Pandemic

Margret Laird The immediate aspect of the coronavirus pandemic which has assailed us since 2020 has been the striking contrast between the isolated and squeezed

Zoom Funerals

Margret Laird The social lockdown imposed upon us, due to Covid-19, has meant that Zoom funerals have had to become the norm.  But it isn’t

Have We British Found It?

Margret Laird Boris Johnson told us that on 19 July 2021 all the laws associated with Covid controls were to be terminated. We would no

John Lutterloch

From London

City Life

John Lutterloch I first met our Editor, Hom Paribag, in 2015 when he was looking to raise monies for 2  projects for his home country

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Equal Humanity

Oli Khan MBE

Trader’s Pain

Saz Vora

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