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Prakash Khanal, PhD Thousands of years ago, mankind invented money. Initially money was made in coins made out of ‘mud’ and ‘leathers.’ Then man moved onto introducing money made out of ‘metal coins.’ Then mankind introduced monetary notes made out of paper. Nowadays money has been transgressing into digital forms.

The Truth Behind Chicken Tikka Masala

H. Himal It has been a few years now since I bore both the stress and sadness of working in restaurants, and yet I miss the company of the British people I served there, who loved the hot, properly cooked curries and my sense of humour, no matter how tired

Britain’s Foreign Bosses

Nick Taussig With a new world order where money is placed above all else, British corporations are increasingly looking beyond the Great Isle – to the international market of talented

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Life During and After the Pandemic

Margret Laird The immediate aspect of the coronavirus pandemic which has assailed us since 2020 has been the striking contrast between the isolated and squeezed daily lives we have had

Zoom Funerals

Margret Laird The social lockdown imposed upon us, due to Covid-19, has meant that Zoom funerals have had to become the norm.  But it isn’t the same, is it? I

Prince Harry- Will You Stop Please?

Hom Paribag FRSA Friends, those who know that we’re a bunch of people who care for the general well-being of society, they ask if we’ve any opinion regarding the matter

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English PEN 100

We’re delighted to announce English PEN 100 (24–26 September 2021) at the Southbank Centre,  a three-day programme on themes of literature, exile, free expression, translation, activism, and solidarity, drawn from

Missing People Charity

Since the start of the pandemic, the world has been changing in ways we could not have predicted. At Missing People, we are concerned about mental health issues, financial pressures,

Know Your Rights and Claim Them

Angelina Jolie and Amnesty International have joined forces to create a powerful resource for children and young people to learn about their rights, with the publication of a hard-hitting new

#SecondHandSeptember Campaign

Actress Sienna Miller is fronting this year’s #SecondHandSeptember campaign to raise awareness about the harmful effects fast fashion – clothes that are produced in high volume and at relatively low

The Campaigner

The Campaigner

Sarah Ismail Cephas Williams is a photographer who started life as a campaigner for race related issues by creating the ’56 Black Men’ campaign. His idea was a simple one.

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