About Us

For Peace, Progress and Humanity

Society Today magazine is a national publication. Based in London, the publication publishes ground-breaking stories on cultural, social, political, economic, environmental as well as humanitarian issues. Dedicated to promoting peace, progress & Humanity, Society Today Magazine aims to spread the message of positive thinking which we believe is the only basis for a peaceful, humane, and successful society. We advocate for social justice through our practices of fearless journalism which is independent and free from bias.

As an inclusive publication our stories are written by very high profile to up-and-coming writers from all ethnic, social, and cultural background and we consider this publication as a platform, and we work closely with hard working people in the field of business, creativity and governance and social enterprise as well as humanitarian sector.

Society Today Magazine as a timely knowledge -based platform of information as well as a fun to read publication for our readers, who are now ready to accept and understand the true beauties of humanity.

By nature, Society Today Magazine is a general interest publication. Though it aims to remain inclusive to people of all sectors of society, our core readership lies in the group of people who are educated, professional, and ambitious and are consciously aware of the dimension as well as general wellbeing of society of modern time in which we all live. And we never lack in presenting and publishing the fascinating stories of people by reading which our readers can feel inspired!

Society Today Today Magazine was founded in 2004 by Hom Paribag, who is a versatile writer, journalist, and magazines editor as a print & digital print media platform. The publication motivates people for positive aspects of life in society.

We feature various social issues in a fair, balanced ways with stories to bring people together for the greater benefits of all in society. It's a media platform with well-balanced views, research, and presentations. Due to the recession in 2008, as the Distributors MMC got liquidated, it forced to cease publication. We're now working to relaunching it.

We would like to disseminate, research, and publish the stories with facts and feature that how people should not receive injustices helping promote violence, social dis-unity, and injustice not only for those who are at the receiving end, but for all. To bring social justice and equality within any society, 'toleration' itself is not enough. But people must develop ideas, attitudes, skills, inner capacity to respect one another on several important aspects of life, which we have enshrined at our publication's CHARTER, that works as our mission & vision as a platform.

The publication is available in print, online & digital versions. Prints are available in the local shops and news agents, including selected book shops and stationary shops.

It works with talents of writing and expression from various walks and spheres of society.

Magazine believes in the positive and creative journalism and all our writes and contributors are our best friends to our readers who cherish the contents without a fear of unfairness or bias.

Publication's slogan is For Peace, Progress & Humanity.