The New Beginning

Friends have made remarks that what a time to reintroduce Society Today magazine. Perhaps, had it not been for Covid-19, the pandemic of our time, they would not have raised their voices of wonder. We feel it. It’s been an extra-ordinary time for the simple reason that Covid-19 has dismantled not only the economy, but our previously enjoyed freedoms and the order of old times. But we’ve decided that we’re not going to be affected by the news and incidents surrounding this- as this seemingly man-made virus has done nothing much good.

If we remain completely affected by it, it will only do harm to our sanity, our thoughts, feelings and overall state of mind. Yes, this virus is deadly. It’s far more dangerous than those who refuse to wear masks or take vaccines think. They could be right in that they’ve refused to accept the psychological anomalies that Covid-19 has been able to create. But refusing to wear masks and denying that the virus is dangerous, just to go back to the old formulas of life- that if one were young and party loving, they could congregate and celebrate the micro happiness of life’s meandering joys, is not what we suggest. We urge all our readers to take extra precautions by wearing masks, sanitizing hands and taking the vaccination, because even if the vaccine has been produced with an ulterior motive by some people or forces, maybe we may die soon because of losing immunity for other diseases, as a result of the side effects, we still believe that by taking the vaccine en masse, we will show solidarity for humanity. With this, we’ve decided that we’re not going to produce other editorial contents on this virus unless there is an absolutely solid reason that we can raise our voices against injustices surrounding the stories of this pandemic. For, for a long time, it has subdued everyone and everything, including the basic norms of life and livelihood, politics, economy, creativity in the arts and expression, arts, invention, education etc. All have been affected by the existence of this deadly virus.

We believe in justice and joviality in spirit, whereby all can wake up each day to realise that we’re all humans and we’re good beings. For ourselves, each other, our neighbours, economy, environment, natural world and the planet as well as the world in which we all live with a shared purpose of live and let live.

We deny ourselves, and we ask all our readers to deny, the negative effects of the fangs of this virus, because, in the fear of it, we’ve lost the meanings of good politics, productivity, innovation and economy. We’ve seemingly surrendered our energies, feelings and intentions of truth and vitality to the power of this unusual disease.

We see humans are losing hope and meaning in anything. Especially when the virus became the main source of news and matter. As may have been intended, this virus has created such a disease which has eaten away our emotions, sensitivity and creativity that lead us all into productivity. At this time of a pandemic we find that no humans want to, or can, be near other humans. As a result, humans have destroyed their relationships with each other, turning to violence, anger and disbelief. It has produced a vast swathe of protestors, for people are angry inside. It has forced everyone and everything to become like a zombie, mostly sinister and unreal as well as unpredictable.

If we do not change this trend, if we do not generate the spirit of strength, unity, and prowess, in a previously never experienced fashion, it’s not the virus, but our mindset that will eat us all away. Our anger and vilified vengeance will hurt us, make us hurt each other, and it will generate such force within our own souls, that it could be explosive like erupting volcanos or mass shootings.

If we do not remain loving, caring, sharing, if we do not rise up in our own thoughts and spirit once and for all, gradually societies will begin to crumble, science and technological prowess will evaporate, our expertise, skills and expectations will fizzle out, and nothing and no one will remain intact including politicians and the rich and famous.

Just in order to herald news of this intention we’ve re-established this publication again which was first established in 2004 to it’s great success.