Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read the magazine without being a subscriber?

Our older issues from the 2000s are available under the “retro reads” tab for everyone to read along as well as certain sections of the current magazines. However it is not possible to read the whole magazine without a subscription.

How often will new issues of the magazine be released?

Currently, we aim to publish new issues bi-monthly, but we plan to increase this to monthly in the new year.

Will there be an option to choose a subscription for both print and digital?

We are currently working on a way to achieve this but it is not currently available.

What format does the digital magazine come as?

It comes as a PDF.

Is there a limit on the number of devices that the digital magazine can be viewed on?

No there is not. As long as you have an account and a paid subscription, it can be viewed on as many devices as you wish.

Do I need internet connection to read the digital version?

An internet connection is only required for downloading the PDF, once downloaded it does not require an internet connection.

How long do I have access to back issues of the magazine with the digital subscription?

You will be able to access them under the retro reads for five years, after they will be removed from your access.

What payment methods do you accept?

All forms of card payments (excluding American Express) are accepted for both “Society Plus” and “Society Classic” subscriptions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You will be able to cancel the subscription through your bank. – CHECK

Is it possible to buy a one-off issue?

Yes, you can purchase one issue of the Society Today Magazine.

What should I do if I forget my password?

There will be an option to click forgot password on the login page and you will be directed accordingly.

Is there a Society Today App?

We are working on the development of an app, but it is not currently available.

What happens if my magazine issue arrives late, damaged, or not at all?

If this is the case, please contact us at … EMAIL NEEDS TO BE ADDED.

Will Society Today be available overseas?

Currently, it is not available overseas for the printed publication, however, the digital publication is available overseas.

How long will delivery take, and will I be notified when my magazine has been dispatched?


What happens if I move house and need to change the delivery address?

There will be an option to change your address on the account page.

Can I pick and chose what magazines to be given access to?

If you have a subscription you will have access to all issues published within the time frame of the subscription, you cannot pick and chose which ones to receive.

Can I request a previous issue?

Yes, with the digital subscription you have access to all the issues. NEEDS TO BE ANSWERED FOR PRINTED.

Can I purchase the printed publication from retailers?

Yes, certain retailers will have the printed publication available for purchase.

Is student discount available?

Not currently but hopefully in the near future it will be available for students with a valid student ID.

Is discount available for pensioners?

Not currently but hopefully it will be available soon.