Letters To The Editor – Aug/Sep 2021

Cephas Williams

I have just read your article on ‘campaigner’ Cephas Williams and I have a message for him. Doesn’t everyone know Black Lives Matter by now? Surely everyone knows all human lives matter equally? It’s 2021!

FM, Brent

A Breath of Fresh Air

Congratulations on making a return! Your publication brings a breath of fresh air and much needed coverage of social issues nationally and internationally. It is more important than ever as the world slowly starts to recover from the global pandemic.


Surely Blackpool!

Las Vegas in Britain? I don’t think so, but if I’m proved wrong, it will surely have to be Blackpool! Its Illuminations are already a national treasure that give Las Vegas a run for its money. No staged neon makeover required there, unlike the other four places on the list.

SM, Harrow

Can’t Wait to Make Millions!

Las Vegas in Britain? I can’t wait to make my millions! I wish it could be on my doorstep, but Blackpool will probably win.

SI, London

Could You Leave Them Alone?

Please could you leave Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex alone? They are a couple in love who did what they thought was right when they left the UK. They left for privacy, something every married couple deserves. Of course Harry will and should protect his wife. Any good husband would do the same.


Focus on Arts and Culture?

Thank you for your poetry section. Can your publication focus on Arts and Culture? These areas usually provide light relief, especially good books and good poetry, which are both more interesting to read when written from personal experience.


Very Educational.

Your feature on money was very educational. The World Bank keeps a low profile. Or is it that the younger generation focus more on spending money than learning about where the world saves its money!


Read the Print Campaign

I agree with your Read The Print campaign. There is something especially beautiful about the printed word. If the printed word ever completely disappears, writers won’t be writers any more. What will they call themselves if that day ever does come? Maybe you should ask to be sent the answer to that question- on a handwritten postcard!


South Asian Mental Health

Thank you for your article on South Asian mental health. Mental health is certainly an issue that needs to be taken more seriously, by everyone, but especially by South Asians and people from other ethnic minority groups. Please let’s have more similar features in future.

KB, Wembley