Our Charter

From the Founding Board of Editors


The human world has sustained hardships for a long period of time. From the great conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn on Dec 21, 2020 time has shifted into the Age of Aquarius for the next 400 years, at least. This means all old beliefs, which have often created many miseries for humanity, are likely to perish to move onto a new path for betterment. Hence all old belief systems that held mankind behind will have to be discarded or abandoned. For The New Age is in the process of dawning-a good time for humanity for equality, justice, freedom, liberty, love, brotherhood, productivity & creativity the holistic and balanced view of life.


Our existence cannot be possible without planet Earth. For us humans, the only valid reality in the Universe is our very own planet Earth. It is the only base for all life forms including ours as humans. Probably, planet Earth could be the sole platform for life in the entire Universe known to mankind. Hence planet Earth must be revered as one & only and as the Mother Earth by us all. Keeping her protected, pure & pristine ever is the moral & practical duty of all mankind on behalf of all life. Our life is completely impossible without Mother Earth, therefore, she should be protected under all circumstances. She should never be harmed or polluted or obliterated or abused by use of arms, chemical weapons or destruction in the name of science, technology or politics that we mere human think as our great prowess, which is trivial in the vast mystery before this wonderful creation of life-in-all-form the Mother Earth.


Human beings have 10 species. 1+0=1. All humans are one therefore equal. No human should be subjugated on the basis of race, creed, gender and their physical form itself. All genders have equality in their fundamental rights of existence as the human beings- and planet Earth is the only place where human can survive but as one and equal only.


From the error and selfish behaviours of humans in the name of science, technology or wealth, the pristine state of Earth’s climate has been affected significantly. We urge everybody to do their best to reduce pollution to cut down carbon emissions. We must all alter our current behaviours of consuming excessive amounts of fossil fuels. In order to save the world and life, let the climate be healed itself by less pollution.


Human life is considered to be the most intelligent of all. Humankind’s ability to think, express and create provides the energy of vitality for other humans too. Hence, freedom of expression is key to the very existence of all mankind in harmony. As long as such freedom doesn’t harm others physically and psychologically or in terms of spirit, freedom of expression must be upheld, maintained and respected by all and for all at all time.


Hitherto politics have been used by mankind in order to govern human societies by humans and supposedly for humans, but nothing has destroyed humanity as much as politics has. All wars, destruction and suppression or rulings hitherto have been considered to be the outcome of politics. Though, politics is merely a medium to attempt solving humans’ emerged problems in any given circumstances. Corruption, disagreement and the abuse of power are created only because of politics. All complex problems created by humans today are a result of the excessive reliance and use of politics- which are not operated on the basis of fairness & honesty. If politics are conducted with honesty, respect and mutual regard for each other, we shall all have minimum power struggles. Hence politics must be used in only areas where it is needed but transparency and honesty by all must be accepted as condition. Fair & honest politics with less power to the politicians are the only way forward to empower all in society, fairly and equally.


Planet Earth has enough for all to survive as long as humans try to live lives of decency, fairness, openness and sincerity. There’s nothing that isn’t out there for the survival of all life including humans in abundance. Poverty is rife only amongst humans and it is a key cause of suffering of all humans, everywhere. Therefore poverty is invented by no one other than humans. It is an injustice created by narrow mindedness, greed and unfair ideals of humans between each other. All humans deserve a fair and better life by not being affected by poverty that is afflicted largely by politics of all kinds. Poverty and suffering can be eradicated by positive aims of productivity. Productivity can happen only by the positive thoughts and endeavours of all humans who are open to come together to eradicate poverty. Eradication of poverty can create fairness in society for all ultimately eradicating the suffering of all humans everywhere.


Capitalism hitherto has worked as a creative tool of productivity for all. Human activities of creativity, innovation and productivity are the best methods of providing solutions to man’s shortfalls in life. Capitalism can provide work for all to earn and survive, but when capitalism goes to bed with politics as its modus operandi, it becomes the most corrupt system of all, triggering communism to counter it as a result. Capitalism can sustain only when it is devoid of greed, deceit and fear attached to it for the pure objective of accumulating wealth itself. Currently, capitalism is speeding off an unsustainable way. It’s been destroying true human ingenuity, ability and capacity. Humans, as a result, have given up looking after each other in fairness and in awe. If capitalism should sustain, money must become the vehicle of human endeavours of productivity in fair, free and clean environments only of productivity than the power of pride itself. Current patterns of capitalism must be clean, and it should be devoid of corruption of a few so-called lucky ones who accumulate wealth in the ceilings of pride and greed.


Humans have destroyed their true calibre of goodness because they are engulfed in negative ideas of discrimination in the name of skin colour. Being born with darker or lighter skin colour is not a choice made by one who was born with it. One’s skin colour is nature’s gift, not the person’s choice. One is not born superior because one has fairer or whiter skin. Different skin colours merely show the vibrant existence of humanity in this mysterious garden of creation that is hosted by our planet Mother Earth. Like a garden cannot become beautiful unless there are other varieties of flowers at once, different skin colours of mankind are only here to make this world look, be and feel beautiful. Colour of skin does not signify the superiority or inferiority of anyone no matter who they are or where they are. Therefore unfair treatment of a person due to their skin colour is immoral, unfair and unjust everywhere throughout the world.


Almost two-thirds of the land in Asia was once colonised by the various colonial powers throughout history. The majority of these lands of colonies had discrimination, especially in caste and creed of their fellow human beings. Despite it being one of the most beautiful places with nature’s abundance in variety and variations, South Asia seems to be the most troubled land on earth in terms of the violation of human rights, poverty and backwardness. They are all caused in the name of caste and creed, designed intentionally to affect the goodness of fellow human beings. Sixty per cent of people in South Asia today are suffering daily as a result of caste discrimination. Their human indexes are full of suffering, poverty and injustices. Bad politics thrive because there are tensions and problems among human beings with each other themselves. Now is the time to try and eliminate all forms of caste discrimination that have caused the worst of all human misery among each other. 


The way AI is heading, it looks like it is conquering the essence of the human soul, and humans are already facing bad consequences as a result. Do humans need so much interference from the AI, a mere prototype of thoughts of the computer-being in the most artificial or synthetic form? Should human desire progress in science and technologies that will displace or destroy them eventually? AI must not be allowed to take over the true ability of human emotions, feelings and their power. The moment when human emotions are interfered with, the artificially produced thoughts of the computer-being, the excessive use of AI could be the beginning of the end of humanity all together! We urge all to refrain from the overt acceptance of AI and all should respect the natural way of human feelings, emotions, without this life would be practically impossible!